lunes, 29 de agosto de 2011

One minute...Or so

Kora dice:

"I will be ready in a minute" probably has as many meanings as women are in the world. For me, "in a minute" means over ten minutes. My skin tone is so uneven, so I don't usually go anywhere without make up... If I'm in a rush, I am not doing amazing master pieces on my face, but at least I do need concealer, a touch of blush and some eyelash mascara. Impossible to get done this ritual without contact lenses (add one minute for that... Well add five, my contact lenses wake up some times a bit spirited .)

Even If I don't care a lot about my outfit, I cannot avoid the call of the chunky jewellery. The necklaces are my passion, but I am afraid of looking like Mr. T, so... I am lately distributing my love between the necklaces, the rings... Oh well, I am a bit into bracelets as well, but it is not my fault, I am used to having got a lot of bling-bling presents.

So, contact lenses, subtle make up, some jewellery, a quick hair-do (I am quick at this, I swear), pick up two or three random clothes (after some of the most inspired casual looks are just people trying to hurry up), a pair of comfortable and not too eye catching shoes, a drop of perfume, and a bag. Well, yesterday's bag because finding another one and move in all my belongings would take a precious time.
Looking at the chronometer, it looks like "one minute" for me is more like thirty tan ten, so I will not say this again, I will say: "I will be ready in three minutes". Aren't maths just adorable?


Key silver ring fron Pepe Jeans, Codizia EDT

Adolfo Dominguez comfy mid heels

Zipper Clutch from Blanco.

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  1. Love your ring. Thanks for your chic in chicisimo, I hope you visit my blog and you can follow me.

  2. Seguimos tu blog con mucho gusto, la verdad es que me parece un blog super elegante. Ps, el anillo que es una llave enrollada es lo más, da gusto cuando alguien sabe regalar :)


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