miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2011

Secondhand day

Kora dice:

Today I went to leave some unwanted clothes to the secondhand shop as I am trying to clear up my wardrobe... But this method doesn't look like the fastest one. I am usually walking in with a bag full of garments and coming out with a bunch of vintage newbies, it always happens... But everything is very cheap, and sometimes I am specially lucky and I find amazing items, some of them really high trend branded.

There are my purchases from this morning, a genuine leather skirt (I would maybe cut it up a bit) and a green and white knitted top, they would look great together with a pair of high heels... I have bought also a chunky cardigan for a warm, casual and cozy look. Not so sure though about the belt, it is nice, but the golden star on the front makes it look a bit to much superhero style, I would give it a chance anyway.

I promise will take some pictures with all this stuff on soon, when I would find a reliable photographer :)

Nite, nite...

3 comentarios:

  1. Adoro esas prendas! me encanta la falda de cuero, yo también me he hecho con una para la nueva temporada ^^

    Gracias por vuestro comentario chicos, os sigo ;)

    Un besote

  2. WOW! Didn't know Madrid had nice second hand shops!!!!!! Can't wait to go and browse a bit! LOOOOVE the jacket and the skirt.
    But yeah, I agree, the method of getting space through bringing clothes to the second-hand shops usually backfires!!

  3. Pues la verdad es que no hay demasiadas... Nada comparado con Uk, y en cuanto a precios y como están las cosas... En fin, es cuestion de suerte, el sitio este que esta al lado de mi casa a veces vas y no hay absolutamente nada a parte de trapos, pero hay que perserverar. :)


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